Traditional Japanese Martial Arts

Fumio Manaka ("Unsui") founded Jinenkan to allow students to study freely old Japanese martial arts. Since the beginning of the Jinenkan in 1996, the amount of students has grown and several new training facilities (Dojos) have been established in Europe, USA and Japan. The official Dojo instructors are at least the rank of sandan and are certified by the Honbu to be Dojo Cho.

The Jinenkan offers instruction e.g. in Taijutsu (unarmed fighting skills), Bikenjutsu (sword arts), Yari (spear), Naginata (halberd), Tessen (iron fan), Jutte (truncheon), Kusari-fundo (weighted chain), Tantojutsu (knife), Bo, Hanbo, Jo (staff arts), and many other traditional martial arts.